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Evidense … Maybe


Sometimes snow isn’t very good at covering up stuff.


note:Mom! Jason’s been making snow angels outside again!

double note:No, I haven’t seen your cat.

triple note: sorry if this one’s a bit macabre. I carry myself away sometimes.


notes to myself #107

Don’t play with the Robson’s down the road: they put rocks in their snowballs.

Halloween Part II



I’m glad Halloween happens during pumpkin season because …

it’s really hard to make a cherry scary.

And they are difficult to carve too!

It’s Tuesday I’m in Love


What if the standard weekend was Wednesday and Thursday.

Would it be …

– Wednesday Night Fever

– T.G.I.T. (Thank God It’s Tuesday)

– Sunday as Humpday

– Friday morning blues

– Wednesday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)

– Ruby Saturday

– Thursdaes

– Tuesday the 13th

note: Don’t worry, I won’t do the months next.

double note: The Bay City Rollers would have had to clap one more time!

triple note: pop-ups and pin-ups: know the difference.