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Cabin Fever

I'm inside listening to Neil Young singing songs about nowhere.


I was diagnosed with low grade cabin fever.

The doctor recommended walking.

It worked!

Now I’m looking for a bigger house so I can start jogging.


note: I don’t know how I got cabin fever: I live in a house.

double note:cabinet fever” sounds really bad.

triple note: would buddhist monks get cabin fever?

quadruple note: a country’s isolationist policy just means a very big cabin fever … and possibly a headache for everyone else.

quintuple note: I haven’t heard any good “I spent a year by myself” stories that had a productive ending … except Steve Miller‘s “Fly Like An Eagle” album story.

sextuple note: on Planetross there are other people, just not too real.


notes to myself #22

It doesn’t matter when you go to the nextdoor neighbours on Halloween, they will save the good candy for you.