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Letting Go

my brain on ... something red


Sometimes you just have to let go of things.

It’s time to move on.

There’s no use holding on anymore.

You did what you could.

It’s the circle of life:

to free and be free; to release; to let thing unwind as they should.

Your time together wasn’t meant to last a lifetime.

your part has been played: played well, but it is played out now.

And it’s time to …



note: I bet you thought I was talking about relationships … or farts … or something.

double note: the dentist said Lady Chatterly‘s teeth were beyond repair, so I fixed them for good.

it does resemble it's former self ... or assemble either!


triple note: sure the photo is blurry … it was like dissecting my best friend: tears do that.

quadruple note: I only made it from “A” to “J”  while expeditioning through the blogroll tonight. It’s tough sometimes: there is too much good stuff out there. “K” to “Z” you are next.


notes to myself #46

Giving someone an Indian Burn becomes politically incorrect, but you can still do it … just give it another name.

Inefficiency Expert

a deflated person with flated tires


I’m going to paint my house with a paintball gun

right after …

washing the van with a water pistol.

But first I have to wait until I’m finished flipping these pancakes with the slingshot.


note: My friend always wins at paintball … he uses clear paintballs with stealth technology. I don’t even know when I’m hit! … he just tells me. He’s pretty good at poker too; I don’t know half the rules he does!

double note: paint cannonballs would be awesome!

triple note: a water Gatling gun would probably just be a hose.

quadruple note: Singapore Slingshots would be a great drink!

quintuple note: peashooter snipers are underrated.

sextuple note: I had  third degree Indian burns for most of my childhood.

septuple note: I know “Indians” isn’t politically correct, but “First Nations People burns” or “Native American burns” just doesn’t sound right.

octuple note: I was missing a few cards as a kid, so I only know “49 pick up“.

nontuple note: Do you remember “Conkers“? It sucks in Japan … they actually eat chestnuts.

decuple note: I can make a game out of anything as long as you’re not big on rules: I’m unruly!