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Maître d’


The maître dat the fancy French restaurant wasn’t very good.

He didn’t even wear a cape!


When I left, one of the staff held the door for me though;

… I think he was the “maître d’oor”.


note: my French is so bad that it just sounds like I’m swearing. Excuse me.

double note: the photo is of a curry house sign. I don’t have any photos of French restaurants: I don’t live in France or anything!

triple note: I actually took this photo because of the “Pin” sign: I  think the exit sign said “Pout“.


Today #134

Today I was really on a streak! … a mean streak!
(Is mean streaking when you run around like a mad man?)



If you come to Japan, this sign means “OUT” at parking lots.

… you don’t go out the one that says “NI” either.


note: I can’t read the writing on the wall, but pavement usually poses few problems.

double note: whenever I see words written on the road … I always think of all those poor letters whose parachutes didn’t open.

triple note: I was going to call this one “Upside Down Syndrome” … but thought it might be misconstrued or inappropriate … or some other word that has “mis” or “in” in front of it … or misinterpreted … or something like that.


Today #11

Today went by faster than an occupied taxi … when you want one.
(when you want an unoccupied taxi … not an occupied one)