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Money Making Scheme #13

still cool on the sun!


I’m  going to sell non-melting ice.

It’s a simple yet ingenious method: actually I am quite surprised that I thought of it.

Now that I think about it … I don’t know who would really want non-melting ice. Maybe I’ll just throw out all the paperwork and notes on this one and chalk it up as a bad idea.


note: “non-melting popsicles” would suck big time … even if you sucked on them big time.

double note: Wow! that opens up a lot of room in my freezer!

triple note: “non-freezing ice” would probably be a better money maker.

quadruple note: the water in my frying pan is from not washing and drying it properly with regular water.

quintuple note: Money Making Scheme #1 and #2 and #3 and #4 and #5 and #6 and #7  and #8  and #9  and #10  and #11  and 12 are still scheming.

sextuple note: I’m off for an adventure this weekend! I think DisneySea may be involved! Have a great weekend! See you (figuratively) on Monday.