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Incidental Trances … Or Something Like That!

Now you see them


Transcendental Medication would be placebholistic … something.


note: my mantra record has a skip in it!

double note: you’ll just have to find what’s important in the Transcendental Meditation textbook; they don’t seem to stress anything.

triple note: You are Sanskritting me!!!

quadruple note:

Q.   How far can you look into yourself?

A.   Halfway … because then you’re looking out of yourself!  … just like that dog running into the forest crap.

quintuple note: I know how to reduce stress … “stres

sextuple note: a potato guru is a meditator.

mental note:                                                               .

septuple note: cursor over the pictures time … everytime.

Now you don't!   I knew I liked flowers for some reason.

It’s the little details that count … in blogging … and murder scenes.