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Nipponderings #2: Daruma

Daruma are papermachè heads people buy in Japan to make special wishes: to pass a big exam, recover from an illness, find a good job, get married, …
The eyes are blank when bought. People colour in the left eye and make their wish. When the wish is fulfilled, the right eye is coloured in … and then the daruma are burnt in a ceremony in early January.


note: I’ve had the same daruma for 10 years. I wished for the other eye to be coloured in … but if that wish came true, how can I colour in the other eye?
I guess I should have wished for world peace … or something more likely.

double note: the doll represents the Indian priest Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism in China, who is said to have lost the use of his arms and legs after spending nine years meditating in a cave.

triple note: Nipponderings #1: Rice is here.

quadruple note: in this area the burning ceremony is called “Dondonyaki” and people burn their New Year’s pine door ornaments, daruma, and other old goodluck charms that might be lying around the house. Some people throw coins into the fire; and kids retrieve the money … once the fire is out. (I would throw chocolate coins. hee hee!)


Today #108

Today some kid imitated how I speak. I may file a “Speech Patternity” suit against him.

Another Another Dimension


“You unlock this door with the key of imagination-beyond it is another dimension–a dimension of sound–a dimension of sight–a dimension of mind–you’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance—of things and ideas–you’ve just crossed over–into the Twilight Zone.”

So, Rod Serling is saying that if nothing weird is happening we are in “The Twidark Zone”?

I can live with that.


n0te: just after sunrise and just before sunset is “Twidark” for me.

double note: once I arrived, there were tit’s and as’s in the shop. hee hee!


Today #89

Today I realized that I’d read John Irving‘s shopping list and be happy.

Time Machinations

I put some money in her cup, but she didn't move at all! Stupid street performer!


If I had a time machine, I’d go back to about 3 minutes ago

… because I really liked the song I just heard on the radio.


note: nobody wants a parsley, sage, or rosemary machine; always a thyme machine!

double note: actually if I had a time machine I’d go back to a few minutes before I took this photo, so I could wait until after the women who laughed at me while I took this photo had walked by before I took this photo.



On The Side Of The Road

Up in the Andes! Chile/Argentina border.

I’m tired of this crap!

I will not put up with it any longer.

Waiting around and nothing happening; standing still and going nowhere; wasting time and never reaching my destination!

That’s it!

The Bus Stops Here!

… oh! … it stops over there on the other side of the road?

… sorry.


note: When you are mad, putting your foot down is a good thing; otherwise you will just be hopping mad.

double note: drawing lines in the sand is like caveman Etch A Sketch or something.

triple note: The last time I made a stand was in woodworking class when I was 14. 
 … maybe it was a hat rack?

quadruple note: Thinking about woodworking class is kindling old memories and fires for me.