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In 2011 I went for my first health check in about 15 years.
The results were okay, except my cholesterol was pretty high.

I wanted to do better on my 2012 health check, so for 3 weeks before the exam I cut out fast food/ramen/most meat/carbohydrates and gorged myself on vegetables/seaweed/fruit/tofu.

Mr. Pettit commented that I was trying to cheat the test.
I considered it cramming for the test … cramming vegetables/seaweed/fruit/tofu down my throat.

The results were a lot better than the previous year.

For the past 3 months I’ve continued to eat more healthily, been to the gym most days, and have avoided fast food and ramen.

I’ve lost about 5 kilograms, gained a bit of muscle, … and actually really like seaweed salads.

I hope this year in October when I go for the health check I can supersize the urine sample cup … and they give me a prize for best improved person.


note: for the last 2 years my boss’s wife is the person who draws blood from me … I find that ironic for some reason.

Universal Corn


Being a human is like eaten corn: we are both just passing through a system.

Hopefully humans look the same when they come out on the otherside … like corn does.


note: digestive system or solar system … it’s the same thing really.


Today #268

Today I had my first health-check in 20 years. It went quite well, I thought.
I left some blood, stool, and urine; but they let me leave … and smiled a lot.


Manaus, Brazil July 2006


When I get a bruise it eventually goes a way.

When fruit gets a bruise it never recovers.

I guess fruit isn’t as healthy as everyone says.


note: I could be wrong; I usually am.

double note: You know that really blackish banana in the bunch?
                           That one’s yours.