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Citizen Kane


It’s just a hunch, but …

Citizen Kane would probably be a more famous movie if it was called “Citizen Titty Lip Service”.


note: I’m sure this is a hamster character’s name in one of Tooty Nolan‘s books. … or it should be!

double note: I should read shopping centre directories more often.

triple note: I was watched outside of “Citizen” and remained mute around “Lip Service“, but I couldn’t resist “Titty & Co.“.

quadruple note:What’s in fashion this season?


Today #118

Today rolled off the tongue like some German word I can’t pronounce.


pidgeon coop


What’s the big deal about training pigeons to fly around together and return home or racing them over a certain distance!

If  someone can train a group of hamsters to pull off an intricate bank heist or turn piranha into vegetarians, then I’ll be impressed!


note: people with pigeons should work on toilet training a bit more.

double note: I feel cooped up in here.

triple note: “Birdy” was a pretty good movie. I haven’t seen it since I was 17, so don’t be racing over to the rental shop on my recommendation: send your pigeon.

quadruple note: Everything I need to know I learned from The Wacky Racers.      “stop the pigeon.”

quintuple note: I have nothing against pigeons or their owners. However, I do hold a personal grudge against the guy who insisted on cleaning out the pigeon coop  shown above at 6 a.m. every morning.  I flew the coop after 4 years; the pigeons are still there.