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I found GOD

… but I still went to my regular barber to get a haircut.


note: I wasn’t allowed in; you need an appointment!

double note: GOD isn’t everywhere … it’s not a chainstore/franchise.

triple note: GOD drives a red car!


notes to myself #191

Don’t get a rubik’s cube. That thing will mess with your head.

When I’m Not Blogging I Also Go To …

Kamakura/Hayama/Zushi in Kanagawa, Japan!

And I take pictures of …

Merry Everything!

Advertisements for booze that cover all occasions.

chicks walking and ... Mt. Fuji

Young women walking on the side of the road … Oh! and Mt. Fuji in the background.

caged Gods
Caged Gods. The one in the back righthand corner could be you!

shave and a haircut 2 bits

Cowboy Hair Saloons!  “Just a trim pardner.”

bamboo my friends; bamboo!

Bamboo! I can’t emphasize this enough.

organized rocks and stuff

Serious gardens.


electricity repairman nightmare
Possible problematic situations for power line crews. 
“Better bring the chainsaw Takahiro!”

blurry torii gate

Torii gates at dusk. I feel a beer or two coming on.



“Excuse me sir. Could you spare a bit of change so I can get a bowl of noodles.”
“Sorry, your nose tells me you’re going to spend it on booze and women.”

Kamakura Manga Brothers

Cool walkway art.

merry christmas

Tacky Christmas Decorating #1.

merry christmas?

Tacky Christmas Decorating #2. Buddha says, “Have a good one with everything!”
(I missed the deadline for this contest)

dig your own spot

Creative Parking.  ” No problem! Gotta bit o’ dynamite?”

no beach party bingoing!

Beach Blanket Bingo No Go Zones. 
Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello are not welcome at Denny’s.

cool bike

Strange Motorcycles.
What’s the ride-ability feasibility on this thing? I smell backache in its simplicitiosity and designtinaity.

dogs pooing flowers or something

Signs about animal shite.
“Your dog is not allowed to poo flowers here. And if it does, you better be picking up its petals!”




Wishful Thinking #4


After cutting your own hair badly, you will be able to even it out by yourself.


single scoop: it costs nothing to look like an idiot.

double scoop:  Hey Mr. Fly!  Save some for the rest of us!

triple scoop: Why do barbers and hair stylists always show you the back of your head with a mirror? I don’t care what it looks like: I don’t have to look at it.

quadruple scoop: If you’ve missed the last 3, they are still here and here and here.




Hair stylists in Japan love cutting my hair.

As opposed to thick black coarse hair that they usually deal with, mine is fine soft and brown.
I bring change to their routine.

I’m sure I make their day.
I bet at night my hair comes up over a few beers with friends.
“Oh! I cut this foreigner’s hair today. It was so fuwa fuwa.”

Fuwa Fuwa as defined by my regular hair cutter means: soft like a baby’s hair.

I’ve heard in Korea there are barber shops where you can get a haircut and a blowjob.
I’m not sure if it’s really true.
I’ve visited Korea 3 times, but I’ve never needed a haircut yet.