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That’s Just Growth!


I grew 2 feet in less than a year!

It’s not that amazing really:

most people did … along with the rest of their body.


note: if your name is “Tallest” it could get confusing when someone is looking for the tallest person.

double note: sometimes I’m the shortest person around, but it only happens when other people are wearing pants … and I’m wearing shorts … or have no money.

triple note: I still have 7 weeks before regular programming will continue. This is just a hiccup … or some other cup.

quadruple note: yes, I’ve used a different photo of this before, but I took another photo of it … so it’s all good.


Today #375

Today didn’t smell like mustard enough.

That’s Just Growth!

June 2005  October 2009


Why am I nice to children?

… because most of them will grow up and want to kick my ass if I’m not.


note: Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome or bone growth below the knees are speed bumps.
I have a few bumps on my head from mental growth … possibly.

double note: those pictures look like an old milk advertisement: Milk does a body good!

triple note: maybe I’ve just gotten considerably smaller in the last 4 years.

quadruple note: everyone changes but I remain the same.

quintuple note: I probably could find a photo of the two of us 8 years ago, but I’m lazy.
At 16 he must still be growing.


notes to myself #25

You will be 12 years old before you can pin your sister on the floor and torture her with long drools that almost touch her face.
It only happens once and then she looses interest in this competition for some reason.