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At The End Of The Rainbow


If you were standing at the end of the rainbow, I suspect that it would look like a straight vertical red line.

Just a thin red line protecting that big pot of gold!


note: rainbows make me think of Judy Garland and chocolate coalitions pissing off whalers and the French.

double note: I’m sure there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but it’s probably filled with effluence from people who wanted to be affluent … but couldn’t lift that heavy pot.


Today #286

Today I did the “finger in the mouth” maneuver like this:

… and may have sang a bit of the song.




Drills are boring; and knives are sometimes dull.

note: fire drills are pretty useless: water tends to work better.

double note: there’s money in drilling oil and teeth.

triple note: “What did we catch in the net?”  
                     “Navy Seals” 
                     “Better throw them back or greenpeace is gonna be on our ass again.”

SPECIAL NOTE: nathaliewithanh has another Japan adventure blog  up on her site.