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Cemetary … Sedentary … Same Difference


My tomb’s tone would probably convey disappointment.


note: I’d say this was Gallo’s humour, but I don’t drink wine very often.


Today #284

I wish I was at work already today, so I wouldn’t have to not look forward to it.

Presents For Presences


What do you get the person who doesn’t need anything?








note: in lieu of flowers planetross requests chicken wings … so the birds will visit him … in some form or another.
(planetross is always for the birds!)

double note: can you see the chicken wing in the first photo?


Today #254

Today I thought God must have forgotten about that Genesisweek” business when he flooded the Earth for 40 days … and that 40 days of Lent stuff. If He was consistent, those things would have been 6 weeks a piece.

(my co-worker thinks I think weird things when I go outside for smokes: hey! it was raining! What else was I supposed to think about?)

A Grave Subject

6 feet under!!!

Over my dead body!!!


note: You’ll have to kill me first!

double note: grave robbers are serious thieves.