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Signs And Writing


I can’t read the writing on the wall

… it’s on the other side , I guess.


note: what the hell does an exclamation mark sign mean!

double note: I’ll start worrying when I see question mark signs.

of special note: omawarisan over at Blurt needs a new header on his blog and is having a contest! I’ve submitted my entry: you should check out all the clever entries over at his blog. The contest is still going on … so just saying.
(I don’t include my entry as clever … that would be presumptuous … and I’m more consumptuous)


Today #245

Today I bought booze at a Do It Yourself center … I found that ironic … or sad … or the cheapest place in town to buy it … or found it at least.




Are there any “abstract concrete” artists?


note: Cement manufacturers have a lot of concrete ideas.

double note:Cement” is great, but “Dement” is crazy!!!

triple note: Is Matt Groening a “Bartist“?

quadruple note: Do “cubists” work in toilet cubicles, or is that just vandalism and graffiti?

quintuple note:Virtual Reality Artist“! Someone just made that up.

sextuple note: photos of Japanese folklore hero, Kintaro. He’s kind of like Hercules or Daniel Boone, but grows up to be a samurai. Originally I thought the bear was the “ass-kicker” of the duo, but it turns out Kintaro is the one-boy wrecking crew!





Spray Paint

Spray Paint doesn’t cause graffiti, people cause graffiti

planetross  (someone else may have wrote this, but with different words)


If people don’t like graffiti, they should lobby their government to ban spray paint.

But nooooo… the people who run governments are as thick as thieves with those “paint in a can” people. It keeps people in jobs, economies booming, and those all important tax dollars flowing. Fat Cats are getting fatter in this spray paint -industrial complex thing. Those in charge don’t want to see it stop while their bank accounts get bigger.

As it is now, anyone can purchase spray paint over the counter: no license, no cooling off period, no ID. It’s madness!!

The buyer may say it’s for a car bumper, a piece of patio furniture, or their mailbox; but 9 times out of 10 it’s for graffiti.

I’m so mad I may go to the hardware store, buy a can of spray paint, and put primer on my rusty bumper!!!!


note: if you spray a school bus yellow, is that still vandalism?

double note: there is no contest for what the above sign means.