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Sand Traps

Pantanal, Brazil 2006


Do “Golf Courses” in the desert have grass traps?


note: There should be a sand trap in every sport just to make things more interesting. (except beach volleyball and the long jump: they should have gravel/asphalt traps)

double note: Golfers must not like nature: trees, sand, ponds, … are all classified as hazards!

triple note: sand trapdoors are easily detected.

quadruple note: The “Sand Trapp Family” are alive and well crossing mountains, singing, and stuff.



Random “Ball Sport” Questions


1. Were the rules, playing fields, and spectator areas for sports with slightly expensive balls designed to  keep the fans from stealing them?      (soccer, football, rugby, basketball, and even Aussie rules)
Every time that net gets hoisted behind the uprights in football, it is saying “We do not trust you“.

2. Are baseball and cricket the only sports where the best thing to happen is for the ball to go out of play?
            Home Run!  Yeah!              A 6!  Hoorah! Bully!

 3. Are volleyball and tennis the only ball sports where the ball going in to the net is a bad thing?

4. Is golf the only ball sport where the ball is never out of play?
    This sounds like “empty lot kids’ ball game rules” to me.
    Golf balls are cheap too! Who invented this game?


note: planetross prefers ball sports with pucks and rocks.