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Ghosts probably aren’t the best sports fans.


note: maybe no team spirit is a good thing.

double note: ghosts must be good boosters fans … or maybe not.


Today #371

Today my nextdoor neighbour gave me a few giant spring onions from her garden. She said that they would go good with meat.
I wanted to say that more meat goes better with meat, but I was raised a little better than that … just a little.

In My Dreams … #6

my next house


In my dreams  I chase ghosts through doors;

… but they are all open, so it’s not much different than when I’m awake.


note: photo taken in one of the DisneySea sections.

double note: #1  and #2  and #3  and #4  and #5  are still slumbering along.



Olympic Spirits

















There should be Paranormal Olympics for ghosts.

They shouldn’t be left out of the festivities just because they are dead and everything.


note: Para-Paranormal-Olympics would be interesting too!

double note: I wish Michael Jackson would die, so he could perform at the opening ceremony.

triple note: the above note might sound mean, but I meant it in the nicest way possible.