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In The Center

 Shibukawa Heso Matsuri 2009


Thirty minutes from the small city where I live in Japan is another small city. There isn’t anything really special there: it’s basically a suburb of the next bigger city.

But …it is special in Japan for one reason.

It is Japan’s geographical center:  … it is the bellybutton.

Shibukawa Heso Matsuri 2009

So what do you do when you are the bellybutton of a country?

You have a bellybutton festival!

Shibukawa Heso Matsuri 2009

A few hundred people dancing down the streets dressed up with painted stomachs or wearing t-shirts with faces on them; a few thousand people watching them; and a few thousand more trying to buy food and drinks at all the stands and kiosks.

Shibukawa Heso Matsuri 2009

 There are no ifs, ands, or butts at this festival; … just innies and outies.

Shibukawa Heso Matsuri 2009

 Even if you don’t join innie, you’re not left outie.

Shibukawa Heso Matsuri 2009

 These women even gave me a free beer!

How cool is that?

Pretty cool!


note: here is a bit of video from the  2008 Shibukawa Heso Matsuri (Bellybutton Festival)

double note: I don’t think there is a festival celebrated in the geographical boobs of Japan … and for those of you living there, I stick out my tongue in your general direction.

Shibukawa Heso Matsuri 2009


triple note: I looked around for some lint, but I couldn’t find any.

quadruple note: razzbuffnik  at “All The Dumb Things” left a very funny comment on my Boomerang  entry. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. Have a look and add your thoughts if you are feeling silly.