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Can You Dig It?


Shoveling snow is like gardening … sometimes a  bumper crops up.


note: I’m glad you have a new laptop Tony.


Things I’ve Seen With My Own 2 Eyes # 9:

snow-blindness: … I think you can see that.

Genetic Challenges

Just when you think you’ve got all your genetic coding figured out and you think you know who you are … something like “time release DNA” or “retro-chromosomes” kick in and you find yourself … gardening!!!like your mother!!!

the garden

Not as well as your mother, but there is still time.

the garden from a different angle

I turned a blind eye when one brother started canning vegetables … from his garden.

I turned another blind eye when another brother had a dreamy look in his eye while bragging about the free soil he scored from a local mushroom farm.

My sisters? … well … they don’t brag about their gardening exploits like my brothers do. 

I’ve run out of blind eyes and can only give myself a squinty look in the mirror when facing the fact that I’m on the slippery slope to enjoying gardening.

the garden and big patch of grass!

My mother would be proud … but critical … and probably trying to plant raspberries.


note: in case you’ve never seen where I live, here’s a photo of the rental plantation.

planetross is enclosed inside usually, but not now because I'm taking the photo!


double note: I don’t know how the van … or cool BBQ got into this photo … honest!

 triple note: my next door neighbour is tutoring me in the ways of the garden … and composting.

quadruple note: it’s another night of 2 posts!  It must be the weekend … but I always think of it as the strong end.



Mission Accomplished!

Finally got out there and kicked some ass on my front yard!

I always knew it was going to be easy: strong (me) against the weak (them). Nothing is going to get in the way of me and my view. I had the force; those weeds are so easy to flush out, round up, and dump out back where I don’t have to see them. Out back withering and dying by the thousands.





Mission Accomplished! Well done!

Now I can just sit inside for the whole season and enjoy the view.

What?  It’s not over?

I have to keep going out there for the whole season?

No one told me that!

Maybe my Mom did; but I wasn’t listening 😦 

Maybe I should have just left it alone.