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When I was a kid, my father introduced me to most games: solitaire, checkers, chess, cribbage, crazy 8s, Monopoly, snakes and ladders, Rumoli, hearts, 21, Scrabble, ….

I wish he was around now.

I need some help with Zombie Golf on my i-phone.


note: I lie: my mother was the Rumoli fiend in the family … she was a bit of a gambler/penny baron.

double note: it’s funny how people who don’t like games seem to like figuring out practical problems … they’ve never made the connection somehow.

triple note: I think life is a game … it’s a bit dicey at times.


Today #342

Today I think my bank is giving me the special “evapo-rate“.

Inefficiency Expert

a deflated person with flated tires


I’m going to paint my house with a paintball gun

right after …

washing the van with a water pistol.

But first I have to wait until I’m finished flipping these pancakes with the slingshot.


note: My friend always wins at paintball … he uses clear paintballs with stealth technology. I don’t even know when I’m hit! … he just tells me. He’s pretty good at poker too; I don’t know half the rules he does!

double note: paint cannonballs would be awesome!

triple note: a water Gatling gun would probably just be a hose.

quadruple note: Singapore Slingshots would be a great drink!

quintuple note: peashooter snipers are underrated.

sextuple note: I had  third degree Indian burns for most of my childhood.

septuple note: I know “Indians” isn’t politically correct, but “First Nations People burns” or “Native American burns” just doesn’t sound right.

octuple note: I was missing a few cards as a kid, so I only know “49 pick up“.

nontuple note: Do you remember “Conkers“? It sucks in Japan … they actually eat chestnuts.

decuple note: I can make a game out of anything as long as you’re not big on rules: I’m unruly!



Left Behind



When people stay at my place they always leave things behind.

Finding the Item” is my post-visit game.

It’s never anything I can use.

Past Objects Found: a bangle watch, a 2010 Vancouver Olympic pin, assorted Beanie Babies, and a toe ring.

The longest undiscovered object was a metal paddle from a bread making machine. It was 2 weeks before I found it embedded in a frozen loaf of raisin bread my sister brought me.

It may take a while to find the stuff, but I have a 100% recovery record!

Has someone left behind something good at your house?


note: above photo of most recent “found” item.




When I travel I’m always surprised about what games are extremely popular in certain countries.


In Turkey it’s backgammon.
In Brazil it’s dominoes.
In Argentina it’s the card game Truco.

I think in Russia, it must be Chess. I visited once, but I was young and unaware at the time.

In Japan; Rock, Paper, Scissors is rampant, but it’s not really a game, just a way to decide things.

In Canada, like a lot of countries, there isn’t one game that everyone plays.

I’m talking about adults, children, and everyone in between.

I feel deprived.