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Repetitive Repetitions Repeatedly

That guy is running at one knot!


Sometimes when I say a word over and over again it begins to sound really funny        … especially the word “funny”.


note: when I go away I don’t get any great ideas … just a lot of stupid photos.

double note: when I go away it’s hard to come back to reality … it’s virtually reality I guess. I could be wrong: I usually am.

triple note: when I go away I don’t really go too far … I’m on an island … I’m not incontinent or anything.

quadruple note: I won’t leave you in suspended inanimation … one of my sisters and one of my nephews were visiting and I was a great tour guide. I was like a Girl Guide but without the outfit … and no cookies.

quintuple note: so … what’s this blog about again? … nothing!  I can do that!