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Cabin Fever

I'm inside listening to Neil Young singing songs about nowhere.


I was diagnosed with low grade cabin fever.

The doctor recommended walking.

It worked!

Now I’m looking for a bigger house so I can start jogging.


note: I don’t know how I got cabin fever: I live in a house.

double note:cabinet fever” sounds really bad.

triple note: would buddhist monks get cabin fever?

quadruple note: a country’s isolationist policy just means a very big cabin fever … and possibly a headache for everyone else.

quintuple note: I haven’t heard any good “I spent a year by myself” stories that had a productive ending … except Steve Miller‘s “Fly Like An Eagle” album story.

sextuple note: on Planetross there are other people, just not too real.


notes to myself #22

It doesn’t matter when you go to the nextdoor neighbours on Halloween, they will save the good candy for you.

Sight Music

None Tree Hill


While driving to the next city on Sunday and listening to Steve Miller’s “Fly Like An Eagle”, I saw a big eaglely looking hawk circling overhead.

It was cool having the song match what I was seeing.

Why doesn’t Steve Miller have an “All Greenlights and No Traffic” song?

Stupid Steve Miller!


note: I listened to U2‘s “One Tree Hill” on One Tree Hill in Auckland once. The next time I visited Auckland it was None Tree Hill. (above photo)
I don’t think there’s a song for that one though; … or maybe a song for that none though.

double note: possibly while visiting famous places in South America I heard songs about those places, but they were in Portuguese or Spanish … so I don’t really know.

triple note: Steve Miller seriously rocks! … my scanned photo does not.