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Evolotion Might Work To Stop Sunburn


Evolution sounds fishy.


note: I’m an evolutionist, but I haven’t evolved even a little bit during my lifetime. What gives?

double note: there might be a Mick Jagger joke in here somewhere.


Today # 366

Today smelled like watermelotion.

Fishes And Deers


The problem with fish and deer

Is you never know how many are near.



Is there anything more embarrassin’
Than ordering deer meat instead of venison?

double note: I can always find snowmen. You are not safe from poetry. You’ve been warned. You can blame Ogden Nash.


notes to myself #172

You don’t really get a 5 o’clock shadow … I think it has something to do with daylight savings maybe.

Fish And Waterfalls Or Falls And Waterfish

ambulance chaser!


Fish must really hate waterfalls.

If they survive, it’s probably like waking up in a different country.


note: I’m not sure if fishing at the bottom of a waterfall is a good idea or not. Fishing at the top would be better: the fish would probably want to grab on to anything they could to save them … for the frying pan.

double note:


– “GeroNemo!”

“It was like the world dropping out from all around me!”

The situation rapidly declined.

– “I didn’t understand the gravity of the situation.”

“That scared the eggs out of me!”

– Death happened rapidly … or more than rapidly.

“That long drop was shitty.”

triple note: from what I could find on the internet about “fish and waterfalls”, it seems fish usually survive better than humans … but some waterfalls are deadly to both.

quadruple note: if the sea stopped moving, I bet that would be the equivalent to an earthquake in the fish world.

the sea didn’t care anymore and stopped waving




old school style!

 Caution: Men Stabbing Fish.


note:    roadwork – I understand the road part, but the reference to work is subjective.

double note: I really laid down the line at work today … from here to the next city.

triple note: I’m all roadworked up now!



Worms and Fish

Why do people use worms to catch fish?

Fish eat worms, but usually not ones just floating around in the middle of nowhere.

They probably don’t even know what they are.

Those fish must be really hungry, or have bad eye sight.

Now if you are trying to catch a bird, I bet worms work great!


note: What do you use to catch worms: smaller worms?

double note: to catch piranha a bit of human works great.