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Two Zero One One: That’s My PIN Number!!!!


Why is it always a clock that counts down the time on New Year’s Eve?

A calendar would be more appropriate.

… not very exciting, but appropriate.



note: I know it isn’t Chinese New Year yet, but I need a new calendar in a couple of days!

double note: I’m still waiting for “The Year of the Cat” … that Al Stewart is a liar!

triple note: I can just hear all those billion Chinese saying, “What, no animals or nothing? Those people are pagans … and have no firecrackers or anything!!!

quadruple note: I watched that dummy for a while, but it didn’t do anything with the bricks and the pipe. I even kicked it a few times with expectations … but nothing. (sad face)


Today #103

I hope everyone had a great big Happy New Year … where ever you are … or where ever you have been … or where ever you are going!
I hoped for these things today and yesterday and when everything went 00:00 over here a few days ago, but I thought no one would be wishing these things for you on January 2nd … because they were spent … so I thought I’d do the honours … and I’m always thinking … about being considerate. hee hee!

Can You Guess What It Is?


I went to a 2 hour Firework display in Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan. It was my 4th visit and it didn’t disappoint.

I’m always amazed at the fireworks that make heart, smiley face, and mickey mouse shapes.

Can you guess what this is?

How about this photo?

Maybe this one is better.

Or this one.


note: the fireworks of this turned out perfectly; my camera skills need help.

double note: sweetiegirlz – if you don’t figure it out, I really need to take a photography class.



When push comes to shove …

it’s time for the Argentine soccer match to start!













note: Those Argentines get so fireworked up about soccer.




I like fireworks.

I’ve seen some amazing 2-3 hour displays: non-stop boom, boom, boom.

They must scare the crap out of animals and mess up Google Earth photos.

My sister’s dog usually likes to go for walks, but from early October to mid November it’s a homebody. It hates Halloween; more specifically firecrackers, screechers, and roman candles.

As a kid, Halloween fireworks meant a cheapie bag of pyrotechnics.

I’ve had more fun with a book of matches.

They always concluded with something called “The School House”. It was just a Little House on the Prairies‘ paper school house that burned down when lit.

I’ve done better with a cereal box in the fireplace.

Kids in South America are lucky: no age restrictions for buying fireworks, no regulations, no nothing.

Light them off anywhere, tie them to your back if you like, anything goes.

In Ecuador almost everynight there are fireworks going off in celebration of some Saint’s day or religious holy day.

I think that’s why so many people are religious in South America: it’s the fireworks!

Home For a Rest

Holidays are unnatural.

You work yourself in to a nice little routine for most of the year, and then you blow it on vacation.

Driving long distances, waking at strange times, eating strange food at strange places, carrying a camera around, visiting things definitely not on the road between home and work, and sleeping on strange beds.

It’s enjoyable in a “shooter of the day” sort of way: it’s something different. If you don’t like it, well you tried it at least.

To be fair, I love traveling. I seriously really love traveling a lot. I’m more use to long trips though: 1-2 years. It takes me a while to get into the groove of things.

A short 5 day holiday just seems so rushed: “wham bam thank you ma’am” and it’s over.

It’s like lighting off a few firecrackers, when you’re use to a 2-3 hour fireworks extravaganza.

It’s nice, but just not the same.

I guess it scratches the itch, but it’s not the full body massage.

note: I need a few days off to recover.