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Before Fire Man!


Cavemen must have asked “What’s burning?” before fire was invented

… and afterwards too!


note: if I was a caveman, I’d still want to live in a house; call me old fashion … or modern … but don’t call me hairy because I’d be sensitive about that.

double note:clubbing” probably meant something different to cavemen.

triple note: coffee is fine, but coffeet would be weird.


what I’m listening to now #8:  old Weezer.


There is waterproof, windproof, and fireproof things.

Why is there no earthproof stuff?

It seems like a very elemental oversight.


note: Earth Wind and Fire must have kicked Water out of the band for being a wet blanket.



It’s Just A Phrase I’m Going Through!


There are many phrases to describe dangerous situations:

playing with fire”    “living with a time-bomb”    “walking the razor’s edge

There should be more phrases to describe safe situations, like …

camping in the living room”    “playing with a picture of fire”     “living with a nerf ball

Can you think of any good “safe” phrases?




note: “Vanilla ice cream again! You’re really camping in the living room with that choice.  Oh! You’re lactose intolerant! Pardon me.”