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I Feel It In My Fingers, I Feel It In My Toes!


Why is a thumb sticking up seen as a good thing … in some countries?
Why is the middle finger sticking up seen as a bad thing … in some countries?

It seems all individual fingers … and different combinations of the 5 available fingers … and combinations of individual fingers, from both hands, have different meanings to people in different countries.

Is there somewhere that uses toe language?

If not, I guess toes are meaningless.


note: apologies for the monkey sitting on an example of a non-renewable resource in the above photo.

double note: sticks and stones may break my bones, but the flaming well sharpened dictionary full of words sitting in that archer’s bow scares me too!


Today #82

I don’t think I did any good deeds today.
… no badges for me, I guess.
There’s always tomorrow!


Can a church have a flat “steeple”? or is that called a “flattle”?


note:here’s the church and here’s the steeple; open the doors and see all the people“.

Sorry, it just looks like a bunch of fingers to me. If you can do that with your toes, I’ll be impressed.

double note: this painter went for lunch at the wrong time. Actual sign says “Assebleia de Deus” Assembly of God.