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I'm a sponge! Why am I screaming?


If I have the misfortune of falling to my death, my last thoughts will probably be …  “I’m plummeting … I never thought I’d be plummeting … who says plummeting? … oh no! when people talk about me they’re going to include ‘he plummeted to his death‘ after my name all the time!”

If it’s a long drop, I  might start thinking about those “lateral thinking riddles” too!

a man approaches the middle of a field. When he gets there he knows he will die. How does the man know this?

If it’s a really long drop, I’ll probably do some screaming as well.


note: I’m not afraid of heights … it’s just the ground down below that makes me a bit nervous sometimes.

double note: I hope I’m a Bumble … because Bumbles  bounce! … if you didn’t know.