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When I was a kid, my father introduced me to most games: solitaire, checkers, chess, cribbage, crazy 8s, Monopoly, snakes and ladders, Rumoli, hearts, 21, Scrabble, ….

I wish he was around now.

I need some help with Zombie Golf on my i-phone.


note: I lie: my mother was the Rumoli fiend in the family … she was a bit of a gambler/penny baron.

double note: it’s funny how people who don’t like games seem to like figuring out practical problems … they’ve never made the connection somehow.

triple note: I think life is a game … it’s a bit dicey at times.


Today #342

Today I think my bank is giving me the special “evapo-rate“.



When I look at a child, I see the future.

When I look at a bunch of children, I usually see toys I want to play with … and stressed out playground equipment.

If I saw all the children of the world together, I’d be thinking I hadn’t brought enough spaghetti and balloons.

I’ll stick to looking at children individually … from a distance … and thinking about that future stuff.


note: acorns and unicorns don’t fall far from the tree … although the unicorns might have broken legs.

double note: my mother always said she stopped having children because she got a perfect one (me). … I must have inherited some of my “full of shit” quality from her … although I think my father would be charged with 80% responsibility, if I were a car accident.


Today #187

Today was somewhere between dog shit on the shoe and winning the lottery.