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An Analgesic Antonym


Probably the opposite of laughing gas is crying gas

… and that makes me sad.


note: I’ve never used laughing gas; I just use regular air when I laugh.

double note: some people think farts are disgusting, but I think they are just disgasting.

triple note: a gust of farts would be really bad, so would an August of farts.

quadruple note: sorry S. Le, every time I crawl out of the sewer something drags me back in.
We are both talking about farts at the same time. I didn’t notice until I peeked over at your blog to copy the URL.


what I’m listening to now #12: the sky trying to snow.

Two Things



There are 2 things I love to cut: cake and the cheese

but …

 not necessarily in that order

and …

never together.

note: Why do people say “Who cut the cheese”?  I always look for the person with the knife.




Have you looked under “U” in the dictionary lately?

ugh, uh, uh-huh, and uh-uh are all words now.

My dictionaries are pretty old: I’m sure “um” must be in the new ones.

I’ve submitted 3 burps, 2 farts, and a very nice stomach growl for inclusion in the next edition.


Me and Skunks


“Skunks can eject a noxious fluid from glands near their anus. It is not only foul smelling, but can cause skin irritation and, if it gets in the eyes, temporary blindness.”






It ain’t just skunks who can do this my friends! Oh no!

Be afraid; be very afraid.

note: just thought of this “not so original thought” on the way to elsewhere …. something wicked this way comes.


Air Bubbles

Air bubbles are cool.

Small perfect spheres of life giving oxygen: so fragile, so precious.

I could sit in my bathtub all day and watch them float to the surface.

Pretty little aa…i..eeeerrr bubbles!


note: oxygen bars are for oxymorons.