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Fossil Fools!


Who’s to blame for the use of fossil fuels and all the havoc they wreak?

The damn extinct animals! … and archeologists!!!

Those 2 are dirt in my books … or close to it.


note: if things didn’t die, archeologists would just be burglars probably.

double note: I knew those dinosaurs were trouble when they showed up in that Jurassic Park movie!


Today #116

Today was all jibbly jabbly and wagga wagga. You know what I mean.

Noah’s Ark

Is there room for me?


I’m glad Noah wasn’t in charge of saving all the vegetables

… because he did a pretty good job with the animals.


note: maybe Noah didn’t really do a good job saving pairs of all the different animals.
deadmen tell no tales.” or “extinct animals have no tails” or something like that.

double note: … so let me get this straight, there were no rainbows but a lot of unicorns before the flood and a lot of rainbows and no unicorns after the flood?
I’d rather have the unicorns; you could eat unicorns.

promissory note: It’s hard to find someone who works for rainbows these days. I guess we don’t live in the age of miracles anymore … and work for money instead … which is just another type of promise really.

triple note: not really connected but very close in a similar way kind of: In Search Of …  and  Still In Search Of ….

quadruple note: “but the loveliest of all was the asparagus”.



Money Making Scheme #3



I’m going to sell “little extincties”: cute and cuddly plush dolls of extinct animals!

Educational and Fun! Collect them all!

“You can’t kill them because they are stuffed and already dead!”

 I’ll probably add a few new ones each year.





note: there seem to be a lot of extinct rats, bats, mice and foxes. Not too many changes in design.

double note: There are so many cute extinct animals to choose from; I don’t know where to begin.

triple note: “Mommy! When is the ruffed lemur and the sinaloan jaguarundi coming out? I can’t wait.”

quadruple note: Money Making Scheme #1 and #2 are still scheming.