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Everyday Forever!


As a child I’d tell my mother, “I could eat chicken everyday forever!”

She’d say, “Oh, I’m sure you’d get bored doing that. You’d want roast beef, lasagna, ham, or something else eventually.

Outwardly I would keep a brave face and insist I could do it, but inwardly I knew she was right.

I realize now the faultiness of my statement.

Now as an adult with a lot more experience I’d tell her,

I could eat chicken everyday forever … but I’d eat all that other good stuff too!
Heck! There are 3 meals in a day aren’t there?


note: I’m adamantly flexible about most stuff.

double note: actually, I used to tell my mother I could eat most things everyday forever … if I was enjoying what I was eating at the moment.

triple note: I usually buy regular chicken … or regularly buy usual chicken, but the prepackaged stuff isn’t bad when the fridge is bare.

quadruple note: all children are short sighted.
The big picture is for big people; the small picture comes with a dinky toy.


what I’m listening to now #14: the snow snowing outside … my ears are pretty good … I thought you knew that!