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Margerine And Butter


I cannot tell the one from the udder,

when it comes to margerine and butter.


note: no one ever margerines up people.

double note: all the other snowman poetry is here.


Today #335

Today I wondered if there was a Four Seasons Hotel on the Equator.

In Through The Out Door


Yesterday I was just going to enter a parkade circular, so as to exit the parkade, when a car came out of my entrance.

I’ve never seen that before! That’s not allowed. Once you enter the spiral you have committed yourself to leaving the building. You can’t just pop out anywhere you like.

Someday I would like to drive up a parkade circular. Maybe I can bribe a parkade nightwatchman to live my dream.

It would be more fun if I could change my steering wheel to the right-side to do it though. Hugging the center I could really get up some speed like the drivers in The Fast and the Furious 2: Tokyo Drift. (crappiest movie ever)

In Japan the circulars are clockwise. I assume they are counter-clockwise in North America. I forget.

I forget which way water drains in the Northern and Southern hemispheres too. I guess I could go look in my toilet, if I really cared.

Visiting the Equator 3 years ago, someone demonstrated the water spinning phenomenon. It was just a trick, as we were only 2 meters on either side of the Equator. I think you have to be farther away to see a difference: at least 4 meters maybe.

Supposedly at the Equator it’s easier to balance an egg on the head of a nail also. Now I know why I’ve never been able to do that very well before.

note: I bet there are no parking circulars on the Equator.