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I was shellshocked when I saw this!


note: does this make the planter an “eggplanter“?

double note: these people have really shelled out for their fertilizer.

triple note: the egg shells kind of look cool, but the dead chickens around the trees in the frontyard didn’t really do it for me.

quadruple note: are egg farms “egg plantations“?



What Came First; the Colour or the Fruit?

I was looking on wikipedia to see if yellow was the original name for banana when I came across this useless fact about ORANGE.
It turns out that the colour was named after the fruit.
Until these tasty little critters were introduced to the English-speaking world, the colour was known as geoluhread in Old English, or, yellowred.
The word itself follows this etymology: starting with the Sanskrit narangah, it’s followed by the Persian narang, Arabic naranj, Spanish naranja, Late Latin arangia, Italian arancia or arancio, and Old French orenge.

So now you know.
And I know.

note: eggplant should be renamed purple in my books.