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When I look at these 2 photos*, taken on July 5th and September 2nd, I think …

I probably won’t be able to see this car by winter!


note: if hair was like plants, barbers wouldn’t be very busy in the winter.

double note: I’m glad nature isn’t bald.

triple note: I wonder if André The Giant every said, “I’m overgrown.” 

quadruple note: possibly Easter is, when it is, because eggs are harder to find in the summer. I could be wrong; I usually am.

quintuple note: if I worked on a chicken farm, everyday would be Easter! … and I’d probably have a funky smell.

* actually I forgot that I’d taken these 2 photos, but I must have known that I’d know they would come in handy someday.


Today #250

Today I lost weight …  it was atomic weight, but it still felt good.

Happy Easter!

Nyoki Nyoki!

Why is Easter not celebrated in Eastern countries very much? They should change the name to “Wester”.


note: I hope everyone has a great weekend whatever you are and whereever you believe.

double note: one of my sisters is visiting for the weekend, so I’ll be out enjoying the nice weather and hopefully spotting loads of cherry blossoms while sipping on a few Asahi beers. I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday: don’t worry.

triple note: a sneak preview photo of  “My Newest New Experiment“.

quadruple note: here’s the link to last year’s “Easter Blog” … just in case you didn’t catch it when it was fresh and new. It’s stale and old now, but still tasty.



What’s with Easter!

Someone asked me what date Easter was this year?

I didn’t know.

It’s not unusual.
I usually miss it all together.
I live in Japan and I am not very religious.
I usually hear about it in a friend’s e-mail 2 weeks after it has passed by. Maybe that is why it’s also called passover?
Just a thought.

Most North American Holidays I have a lock on: Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween are all stable.
They don’t play mind games with me.
Thanksgiving is different in the U.S. and Canada, but I know what months they are in.
Labour Day only matters to kids, because it determines what day they have to go back to school. At least in Canada; not sure about the U.S..

But Easter is a real floater.
It’s unreliable.

Easter is the weatherman of holidays.