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Upside-Down Wordless Sunday


Today #226

Today I looked up the lyrics for “Mmm Bop“. I think I heard a cat die.


only one oar in the water


Unrelated incidents never happen to my family.


note: it’s not really a relationship … it’s more of a relationdinghy.

double note: I guess relatives that pass away are “belations“.

triple note: if you can’t relate to this, it must be a genetic thing.

quadruple note: if you don’t get the drawing, … I don’t really either. I just wanted to draw a dinghy!

quintuple note: the above drawing is of a dinghy.



Reading Disorder





I think I’m “dysexic”: I can’t read women.

note: I don’t think I can spell them either.

double note: are there special parking spaces for sufferers of “dysexia“?