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Practically Dreaming


I dreamt …

I was falling … while bungee jumping.

I was running but not moving … on a treadmill.

I saw a unicorn … in a book.

I was flying … in an airplane … in economy class as usual.

I bought a lottery ticket … and lost.

All my teeth were falling out … but I was 6 in the dream.

I was standing stark naked … in my shower.

I stood by helplessly watching the world being destroyed … in a movie theatre with 3D glasses.


note: I’d never dream about failing a test!

double note: I don’t have time to daydream, so I just hourdream.

triple note: I guess Eve should be there at the beginning of the world and at the end: Eve of Destruction … I think that’s what that song is talking about.


what I’m listening to #5: The Tragically Hip.

Insomnia … But Not In Othersia


Sometimes I lie awake dreaming about sleeping,

but never the opposite.


note: lying awake is easy … lying while asleep is more difficult … what with it being your subconscious and all.

double note: I took a lie detector test once. It worked! It said I was lying down.

triple note: if you are just pretending to be asleep, are you are double liar?


Today #350

I went back to the gym for the first time in about 10 months.
The staff member said, “long time no see.
I looked around bewildered and asked, ” Where am I?


In My Dreams … #9

my next house


In my dreams  I dream that all my dreams come true in my dreams.

… then I wake up, realize I’ve slept on my arms again, and think “that was a confusing dream, but at least there wasn’t a bull chasing me“.


note: photo taken in one of the DisneySea sections.

double note: #1  and #2  and #3  and #4  and #5  and #6  and #7  and #8 are still slumbering along.

triple note: It’s only taken me 7 of these entries to notice that when I copy and paste this photo it isn’t centered like the first 2 in the series. I am very unobservant sometimes.
I usually screw up on numbering the “notes to myself” too.

Why am I telling you this?

I just felt like sharing today.


notes to myself #71

None of your brothers or sisters name their kids after you. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.