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It’s amazing what people weave with the threads of their lives.

Some people make dreamcatchers, nooses, tourniquets, hammocks,  fishing nets

I’m working on a very long yo-yo string myself.


note: I’d like to see an intricate tapestry when I view the past, but I can’t see past the giant ball of lint.

double note: fishermen are like boxers … they weave and bob.
(boxers: the guys in the ring, not the underpants)


Today #14

If I had a time machine, today would just be a tick on the clock as I zoomed somewhere else.

Dream Catchers

crappy air freshener! It smells like feathers!!


Why do people like Dream Catchers?

They look more like Dust Catchers to me.


note: my Dream Catcher doesn’t work … because it’s still here.

double note: I want a Nightmare Catcher … and after it has caught a few, I’ll stick it in the Garbage Catcher.

triple note: a Dream Trap doesn’t sound so nice … but a Rat Catcher on a bicycle sounds dreamy!

quadruple note: I think I saw a cat cough up a Dream Catcher a few weeks ago.

quintuple note: I work with a Cold Catcher.

sextuple note: the owner of this car can’t be all bad … they’ve got South Park stuff as well.


http://humor-blogs.com/  … only 2 more weeks of this and then I’ll have to put something else down here.

Still More Really Bad Things

a coffee mugshot

These things would also still be really bad:

– youtuberculosis

– a pipe dreamcatcher

– a lemonstration

– SpongeBob SquarePanty lines

– a wire tapioca pudding

– vending machine guns

– a gummy bearskin rug

– a flying saucercumcision

– heretic tacs

– a beatnik knack

– a commuter train of thought

– alkaline dancing … or just line dancing

– an absolooting

– a Welcome Back cotter pin

– a time share cropper

– having a hobby hoarse throat

– obscurvy

– kangarulers

– a suicide salad

– a punctured eardrum kit

– a saltwatermelon

– a tuna meltdown

– cheetah tahs!

– a chocolate barstool pigeon

– a toxic waste band

– a daffodil pickle

– a combination lockness monster

– a window psilocybin mushroom omeletter of recommendation


note: I do have “a coffee mugging” … now!

double note:  Really Bad Things  and More Really Bad Things  are still fake furmenting.

triple note:

coffeasibility studies or java scripture?

quadruple note: sorry I haven’t been frequenting all your awesome blogs … frequently and on a regular basis non sporadically: “hit shappens” or something like that. Bork is a Witch!