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Dreaming Of Laundry


In my laundream, my mother still does my laundry

… and sews on the occasional button.


note: are  dryer lint filters “laundreamcatchers“?
… they are about as useful. hee hee!

double note: lint always reminds me of this old post. Don’t worry, it’s not a picture of an old post from a fence or anything. … but wouldn’t that be cool!


Today #285

Today I scared kids by singing “It’s a Small World” in a high pitched creepy voice … and mimicking small zombie children, from all around the world, trying to kill them. Disney should really make a movie like that!

Character Building

Mickey getting mobbed

When I see costumed characters, I am aware that there is a person in the costume sweating away and doing a job.

I think most adults share this awareness.

But at Disney Parks, many people seem to forget this and 
… basically go crazy when they spot Mickey and company wandering around.

I’m not totally immuned: I get sucked in to the fantasy for a second before I start thinking that there most likely is a short woman in the Mickey outfit.

I didn’t fully grasp what an amazing  job Disney has done in creating this illusion until last weekend at DisneySea.

While watching Mickey appear in many different outfits during a musical performance, my friend said “Mickey must have to change into all those costumes really quickly backstage.

I replied “Maybe it’s just a different person in a different Mickey Mouse costume with a different outfit coming out each time.

I’m mean like that sometimes.


note: How fast would Disney sue me for walking around in a Mickey Mouse costume?

double note:
How many people have had their photo taken with a person wearing a Mickey Mouse costume at a Disney Park over the years?  millions? billions?
How many people while showing their photos say, “This is me with a person in a Mickey Mouse costume.”?  probably none.

triple note: Do you want your Disney dream bubble burst? There is a little guy in the Minnie costume waiting for work to finish so he can go out and get drunk with his buddies.   POP!

quadruple note: I do like Disney parks and will put another entry on in the near future with more Disney Outlandishness.




I bet it sucks having the last name “Disney”.

If you aren’t related to that corporation somehow and have pots of money, you were definitely born with a disadvantage.

I’m glad my last name is “Exxon”!


note:Shithead” for a last name wouldn’t be good either.