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Meandering With A Purpose


Sometimes it feel like I’m falling down a hole

… other times it just feels like I’m lying in a pipe.

I guess I shouldn’t take the shortcut through the construction site on the way home from the bar.


note: abandoned construction sites usually have new buildings on them.

double note: holes appear naturally, it makes no sense to dig them.

triple note: usually when I lie in a pipe … it’s about how I got in the pipe.


Today #138

Today I’m finally watching “Withnail & I“. “My thumbs have gone weird.” … I like it already. Thanks S. Le!

Not Sure With Out Genetic Testing

I recycled them in to the garbage after I did this.



note: wordpress should just add “possibly unrelated posts” at the bottom of each entry.

double note:  I wonder what this entry will generate as related posts. I guess I won’t know until I post it!

triple note: there is a familiar resemblance between all of these post-it notes: I think they are related.

quadruple note: is it really a post-it note before you write anything on it?


notes to myself #12

When you murder that person at 32 make sure you clean off the fingerprints on their glasses; and don’t be so lazy digging that hole.
… I’m just messing with you! … 32 is a very good year.