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Sometimes I want to curl up in to a little ball and cry.

… I’m glad I don’t go to yoga and am able to do that.


note: some things are funny for a moment … and then I move on.

double note: when you walk away from these signs you are never “here” anymore … you’re somewhere else … or “here” on another sign somewhere.
Sometimes I don’t see the signs.

triple note: lying straight and crying in okay too.

quadruple note: planetross likes curling … really! … but not rolling up into little balls … rolling up into those big bull’s eye circles is better.

quintuple note: always pebble your ice.


notes to myself #99

You curl for a few years. I can’t believe it either! … and you like it.

Sleep Deeping


I’m voting for the “hibernational party” this Winter.

It’s time for people not to wake up

… and smell the roses until Spring

… or whenever roses start smelling.


note: some birds fly south for the Winter … where do penguins fly to?

double note: bears don’t truly hibernate: they do something called “denning“. I think I could get into this “denning” business.


notes to myself #61

You never learn to skate adequately to play ice hockey, but you do dabble with curling and enjoy it. I know … it’s unbelievable!

Random “Ball Sport” Questions


1. Were the rules, playing fields, and spectator areas for sports with slightly expensive balls designed to  keep the fans from stealing them?      (soccer, football, rugby, basketball, and even Aussie rules)
Every time that net gets hoisted behind the uprights in football, it is saying “We do not trust you“.

2. Are baseball and cricket the only sports where the best thing to happen is for the ball to go out of play?
            Home Run!  Yeah!              A 6!  Hoorah! Bully!

 3. Are volleyball and tennis the only ball sports where the ball going in to the net is a bad thing?

4. Is golf the only ball sport where the ball is never out of play?
    This sounds like “empty lot kids’ ball game rules” to me.
    Golf balls are cheap too! Who invented this game?


note: planetross prefers ball sports with pucks and rocks.