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Country Music



I’ve never understood Country Music.

All that having to stand up, take off your hat, and put your hand on your heart stuff;

… and it always seems to be the same song too!


note: why is anthem and anathema only a few “a‘s” away from each other?

double note: Border Collies haven’t done a very good job.

triple note: immigration officials are borderline.

quadruple note: if the world had no borders, map makers would be bummed out at bit.

quintuple note:Anthem Rock” isn’t really what I thought it was.


Today #133

Today I thought: “What time zone is the International Space Station in?” 
… and then I flushed the toilet.


Songwriters don’t use “plaid” enough in songs.

Imagine if it was …

-Plaid Submarine
-Plaid Haze
-Plaid Eyed Girl
-Plaid … by Coldplay
-Plaid Velvet
-Plaider Shade of Pale
-Plaid Sugar
-Plaid Onions

… it might be nice in band names or for individual artists too!

– James Plaid
-Plaid Sabbath
-Barry Plaid
-Plaid Hot Chili Peppers
-Plaid Oyster Cult
-Johnny Cash … the man in plaid

… even as an album name!

The Plaid Album by The Beatles


note: I’m sure there must be some plaid in country music.

double note: I’m dreaming of a Plaid Christmas

triple note: Bob Dylan‘s Plaid on Plaid would sound even cooler!
… maybe it would be “Plaide on Plaide“.


Today #77

Today might be like a game of roulette: all black and red.
… if things start moving too fast, it might turn out plaid.