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I think I have a confusion on my head … or something like that.


note: I may have a concussion too … which is strange because I’ve never owned any musical equipment.

double note: Is a “concussion” the result of your mother whacking you on the head when you swear?





Why do some clothing and shoe stores insist on not separating the men’s and women’s sections.

I’m usually not in the mood for a game of hide and seek or wanting to participate in a treasure hunt to find a pair of running shoes or jeans.

Mixing the 2 together is pure madness.

I swear some stores are under the misconception that alphabetization by size or fabric is the way to go.

You don’t find puppies in fish tanks or kittens tucked away in bird cages at a pet shop: some things just don’t go together.

If there isn’t a big sign telling me where the men’s section is or I can’t spot it with a quick glance; I start questioning my sexual identity, get confused, and leave.

note: On planetross there are men’s and women’s shopping centers.

The men’s shopping centers have 2 stores and are open once every 2 weeks for 3 hours. There is talk of shortening these hours.

The women’s shopping centers are so big they have to be distributed evenly so as not to cause the planet to wobble out of orbit.


Positively Not Negative!


Someone told me I was a negative person.

I’m sure I’m never not positive, and absolutely never not the opposite of never not negative.

A negative person?

No, not me, never!