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I want to be naturally invincible.

Just the knowledge that if Superman tried to make me pick up some litter that he though I had dropped, but really didn’t … I wouldn’t have the slightest twinge of nervousness creep over me

… or a horrible feeling in my stomach
… or “deer in headlights” syndrome
… or the sweats.

The best thing about it would be that I wouldn’t have to work out, learn martial arts, or eat properly.

It would all be “natural”: like being double jointed or being able to wiggle your ears.

I’m sure I’d use this ability wisely … like I’m sure if I won a huge lottery I’d use all the money wisely.

It would just be nice to say, “I don’t think so” to Superman, if he tried to make me pick up that litter that he thought I had dropped, but really didn’t.


note: if Superman had landed in China, I bet the farmers who found him would have had a tough time explaining that one.

Superman would probably be saving the Great Wall of China, pandas, and the communist party more often too!


notes to myself #182

When we are 45 years old, the person at McDonalds puts an extra Quarter Pounder with cheese in our bag. Total score!!!