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Every Friday Evening


Every Friday evening a 2 year old boy comes with his mother for a 30 minute English class.

Every Friday evening I blow up a balloon and put it somewhere in the room.

Every Friday evening when he comes in to the room we look for the balloon.

When he finds it I ask him what color it is and then we have the big conversation:

Here you are.
Thank you.”     … as we pass it back and forth.

After that we move on to more extreme stuff like:

– looking for animals in the jungle
– making imaginary cakes with imaginary ingredients 
– examining the contents of magical bags holding treasures like plastic fruit, 2 piece animal puzzles, or things that need to be classified as a certain color

In between these important activities we sings songs:

– about his health (How are you?)
– environmental issues (How’s the weather?)
– public transportation (The Wheels on the Bus),
– monkeys jumping on beds, spiders climbing drainpipes, ducks hiking, …

It’s a quick 30 minutes and I actually look forward to it for some weird reason.

I know his name, but I don’t think he knows mine.

I’m just the balloon man.


note: another little kid calls me “Wednesday” because that’s when he has a class.

double note: little kids really need to have a life.

triple note: most kids like me because I’m bigger and very different looking than their parents … like a dinosaur … or something. I can live with that.

quadruple note: most kids like me are probably the same age as me … or older or younger. I know where you live.

quintuple note: finding two meanings in everything is really annoying sometimes.


notes to myself #128

You end up where you belong … you don’t really fit in, but you still belong somehow.



 What’s with males and the color pink?

By the time most boys are 5 years old the color pink has been hardwired into their heads as being a girls’ color. 

For boys …

no pink bicycles; no pink clothing; no pink toys.

A fluffy bunny doll is okay, but not a pink fluffy bunny doll.

Boys aren’t even offered the option of pink for most things … and if they are, their parents would probably direct them away from that option.

It’s societal brainwashing … about a color.

When did this start? and why?

I’m not an advocate for boys wearing pink: I’m as brainwashed as the next guy.

I’m just wondering.


note: yellow and polka dots are questionable too!

double note: the only pink t-shirt I’d wear is a Pink Floyd one … or this.

triple note: I unconsciously consider all Flamingos female … and I don’t know why!

quadruple note: a pink pig doll is okay for boys … there isn’t much you can do with a pig sometimes.

quintuple note: bubble gum, pink elephant popcorn, and cotton candy are exceptions for some reason. I guess the brainwashing doesn’t include food … or near food products.


notes to myself #127

When you finally buy a suit, the salesman sells you a light rose colored shirt to go with it: it’s pink.
It’s not so bad really.




note: I said I wanted to die in prison not prism!

double note: the unicorn drawing was just too gruesome.