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It’s Getting Clouded In Here


Everything becomes the past, but you can still see it all.

We have rearview mirrors and reflective surfaces in our heads. 

Some people use them: some don’t.


note: I thought this was a “Mirage“, but it was just a “Voxy“.

double note: this was a pretty funky cloud!


Today #216

Today was “Clock work …………………………… Orange.

Following The Cloud

near Cusco, Peru


Has anyone documented or studied the “life” of a cloud?

… just followed  a random cloud from its formation to its dissipation: recording how far it travels and where, and how long it lasts.

Someone should do this!

Not me though; I’ve got a life.

Still … I could waste 30 minutes or so to learn what someone else learned in their 5 to 10 year intensive study on the subject.


note: the person would have to stay focussed and not let distractions cloud their judgement. 

double note: I wonder if they would find any heads in the clouds.

triple note: I’m interested in cloud 9 myself!

quadruple note: they should stay Far from the Madding Cloud!



Cloud Shapes

a cloudy day

Look at that person: he’s shaped like a cloud!

Hey! You play your game, and I’ll play mine!


note:  Hey! You! Get off of my car … that looks like a cloud!”


double note: types of clouds: cumulus, cirrus, stratus, and nimbus.
                              What happened to fluffy?



2 Places



When people ask me where my head is at, I always say,

“it’s either in the clouds or up my ass”.








note: I’m sassy like that sometimes.