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Do you know that poster … ?Mr. Pettit  asked.

Yes” I replied without hesitation, knowing what he was talking about without any more information required.

Why don’t you … ?

I will.

We are mind readers sometimes … or no-mind readers … or something like that.


note: if you hang out with someone long enough, there’s not too much noose you haven’t heard before.

double note: no noose is good noose.


Today #332

Today while sitting in an outdoor hotspring bath, I was hoping the big pile of snow on the roof, that was hanging way over the edge, would slide off while I was there.
… and you know what? … it did!

Stocking Up


Christmas stockings are like dead crows;

they are only good hanging up for decorative purposes.


note: as a kid I didn’t have a stocking with my name on it, I had to use the one with my older brother’s name on it. I always worried that on Christmas morning the stocking might be full of Playboys, cigarettes, and whiskey instead of toys and candy.
I don’t worry about that stuff now.

double note: has anyone ever worn out a Christmas stocking?

triple note: it would be pretty freaky to find a foot at the bottom of a Christmas stocking!!!
… unless that’s what you wanted.


Today #99

I wrote out my Christmas Wish List today: Kim Jong-il, Robert Mugabe, co-worker, …
I mean my Christmas Hit List.

Smoping Around


I smoke a pack of cigarettes everyday.

I don’t know how many I don’t smoke,

… but it’s probably quite a few.


Surgeon General’s note: I wanted to write novels, but the warnings on cigarette packages was the only thing I was good at.

note: I bet the Surgeon General doesn’t really write those notes. False Advertising!!


Today #66

Today I thought about the unfairy godmother that seems to be alive and well … and messing with all sorts of people who aren’t me.

Counterfeit Cigarettes

Unscrupulous people sell counterfeit cigarettes around the world.

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then Marlboro is doing something right.

It’s pretty dangerous to smoke counterfeit cigarettes.

Who knows what harmful chemicals and carcinogenics you are breathing into your body?

note: there is something wrong with that last sentence.

double note: this guy stole my counterfeit lighter.