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Christmas Treason


I used to live near a few Christmas Tree farms:

Christmas Trees look a lot like pine trees for most of the year.


note: I don’t know why there were fences around the farms. It’s not like pine trees move very fast!

double note: my place is only big enough to have a Christmas Tree stump.

triple note: Christmas Tree stumps never get artificial limbs.


Today #100

Today smelled a lot like yesterday.
Maybe it was just me.

Christmas #2 (no my parents aren’t divorced)

severed head

What fun it is to laugh and sing a slaying song tonight
Jingle Bells?

Who wrote this; Jason, Michael, or Freddy?


note: I guess trees have their own opinion on axe murderers.

double note:  “No! I said, slash prices!”

triple note: Black Christmas is a pretty scary movie.

quadruple note: “I don’t want to look in my stocking Uncle Freddy!”

quintuple note: Finally! Pikachu gets his just desserts!

sextuple note: I’ll eat it if it has stuffing in it!

septuple note: Jason vs The Pocket Monsters.

octuple note:  Christmas #1 (not the first Christmas)