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If an interruption is interrupted, is that a “withinterruption”?

… because it’s definitely not a “withoutinterruption”.


note: if someone interrupts me while I’m talking in my sleep … will I know? … it’s all hearsay really.

double note:outerruptions” must happen to other people.


Today #175

Today I found a bird’s nest on the verandah outside my bedroom … I’m taking it as a sign of good luck, prosperity, and earplugs in the future.

In A Sundaze


cherry blossoms



I was so clueless yesterday it seemed like even the trees were Mensa members.


note: photo by Kelly Pettit.

double note: I wrote about “cherry blossoms and watching trees”  last year: it’s still here.

triple note: I definitely was not with “it” yesterday … or any other pronoun for that matter.



Happy Easter!

Nyoki Nyoki!

Why is Easter not celebrated in Eastern countries very much? They should change the name to “Wester”.


note: I hope everyone has a great weekend whatever you are and whereever you believe.

double note: one of my sisters is visiting for the weekend, so I’ll be out enjoying the nice weather and hopefully spotting loads of cherry blossoms while sipping on a few Asahi beers. I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday: don’t worry.

triple note: a sneak preview photo of  “My Newest New Experiment“.

quadruple note: here’s the link to last year’s “Easter Blog” … just in case you didn’t catch it when it was fresh and new. It’s stale and old now, but still tasty.



Watching Trees


People love watching trees in Japan.

In April, it’s cherry blossom viewing. Everyone and their dog go and sit on blue tarps under cherry trees and drink heavily. I do it too, but I usually watch the women who are watching the trees.

In October, it’s Kouyo: the changing of the leaves. People always ask me what the word for Kouyo is in English. They usually seem disappointed when I say, ” the changing of the leaves”. I think they expect some great one word answer.

Tour buses haul people around the countryside in April and October. It’s a big business.

I like both these times of year, but I’m more of a root person. My sister is too.

When we have travelled together, we point out interesting roots to each other, take photos, and have little discussions over the merits of our discoveries. We know a good root when we see it.

Trees have their seasons, but roots are all year round fun.