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If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It


I’m starting to think that funny old people
… were once funny young people.


note: New Years in Bournemouth, England 2000

double note: Rathtrevor Provincial Park Vancouver Island, Canada 1991

triple note: I don’t know what I’ll be sticking in my eyes in 2020, but I’m sure it will be really funny … like always.

quadruple note: these photos are like wrinkles … the older I get, the more of them I seem to have.


If I Die Wearing An ipod #1

If I die wearing an ipod, I hope Cher‘s Half-Breed isn’t playing when someone is removing the headphones … because I usually skip that song.

Half a Name

over the river and through the fields to Obaasan's house we go!


Sting, Pink, Madonna, Cher, Meatloaf, and Bono wouldn’t be very anonymous at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

My name is _________ and I’m an alcoholic.”


note: these people are on a first name basis with everyone.

double note: Brazilian soccer players do have 2 names … it’s just that the other one sounds funny.

triple note: if I changed my name to “Amen” it could get confusing at church.

quadruple note: maybe I’ll change my name to “Stupid” … and sue those t-shirt people.

quintuple note: Why didn’t William Shakespeare have a Pen Name? … did he write his stuff with a pencil or something!

sextuple note: The photo has nothing to do with anything: I just like this view.