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My calendar at work this year has pictures of Japanese mountains: one for each month. I recognize Mt. Fuji, the Japanese Alps, Mt. Tanigawa  , and the mountain surrounded marshlands of Oze .
(the last 2 are about 30 minutes away from where I live)

The other 8 mountains look scenic and impressive, but I have no idea where they are.

I’m kind of disappointed.

I was hoping Mt. Splash, Mt. Big Thunder, and Mt. Space were going to be on it.



note: I’ve Googled the mountains of West Virginia and there is no Mt. Mama! … John Denver is full of crap! … I kind of liked him in Gilligan’s Island though.

double note: if it wasn’t for Mt. Kilimanjaro, I’d think Africa was flat.

triple note: if it wasn’t for Heidi and “The Sound of Music“, I wouldn’t know anything about Switzerland at all … except for that Nazi gold, cheese, chocolate, cuckoo clocks, neutrality, army knives, and that Disneyland ride they invented.

quadruple note: the photo has nothing to do with mountains. I just thought those that saw the little red car before would like to be updated on what the owner has been acquiring.


Today #128

Today I said the word “dink” for the first time in about 20 years. It still sounds funny!

Humour … Or Humorbid?


Punchlines, slapstick, and side-splitting humour

… always leave me in stitches for some reason.


note: people who aren’t funny shouldn’t be taken seriously.

double note: I have to change my clothes: excuse me while I slip on a banana peel.


Today #112

Today was all over the place … you probably had it where you live too!

Gravitationally Influential


It’s the moon’s fault.


note: the moon makes me crazy! … all that cheese and I can’t reach it!

double note: as for the moon, what goes around comes around.

triple note: I guess if I lived on the moon, I’d say the moon’s Earth more often than the Earth’s moon. It’s all a matter of where I am standing … or perspective … or something like that.


notes to myself #173

Be careful when using cheese graters.

Of Mountains And Molehills

old funicular run near Nikko, Tochigi-ken


Some people make mountains out of molehills,

 but what do people make molehills out of?

… I can think of nothing.


note:mold hills” are made out of cheese … or the moon … or something.

double note: playing with a hula-hoop is exaggyrating!


notes to myself # 14

Watching “The Love Boat” and “Fantasy Island” does not classify as a good Friday night.
No way; no how; no never!

A Piece

species of pieces of cheese



When people give you a piece of their mind, it’s never a good piece.


note: I wasn’t expecting that, I thought you were going to give me a piece of gum … or cake … or something good.



Two Things



There are 2 things I love to cut: cake and the cheese

but …

 not necessarily in that order

and …

never together.

note: Why do people say “Who cut the cheese”?  I always look for the person with the knife.


Cheese Makes Me Sweat

I like blue cheese. I like it a lot!
But when I eat it, it makes me sweat under the eyes.
Actually most strong cheese has the same effect on me.
When I mention this to people, 90% say this is impossible and accuse me of not knowing my own bodily functions.
But 10% say it also happens to them.
So…. does strong cheese make you sweat under the eyes?
note: The Naked Scientists gives a possible explanation here.