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Just Thought You Should Know


I think of my lungs as being at the front of my body.

– It takes me exactly 8 bites to eat a Big Mac … no more; no less.

I now understand why old men wear hats … I just don’t 
  know why they wear such bad ones … and while driving.

– I still don’t understand “the women sitting in the backseat” thing.

If someone told me I had 4 years to live, the first thing to run
   through my head would be if that year was a leap year or not.

– My sister says “Holy Shmoley“. That bothers me for some reason.
   It should be “Holy Crowley Guacamole” or nothing at all in my books.

There are 3 mints and an unchewed piece of gum trapped under
  the seat of my van. I will rescue them one day.

– I’ve considered the lilies … because I’m considerate.

– “metallurgy” makes me think of hayfever for some reason.

– I walked to 7-11 humming Ringo Starr’s “No, No No Song“, bought a 6
  pack of beer, and won a little container of apple yogurt before coming back
  here and finishing off this entry.

I have mixed feelings about Cheap Trick.


Bad Thoughts While Hanging Out The Laundry #1

Being deaf with no hands.

My Ariel Sharona

the rock roots of the tree of knowledge

I never read it in a book
I never saw it on a show
But I heard it in the alley
On the weird radio

from “If You Wanna Get To Heaven” by Ozark Mountain Daredevils


I can’t remember too much stuff I studied in High School: it’s all fragments and things disappearing around corners now.

However, I probably remember every song lyric I heard between 13 and 18 years old.

If there had been cool songs explaining Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Algebra; I bet I would have …

– cured my lack of facial hair
– distilled a potion that made me irresistible to the opposite sex
– invented a way to win at PacMan
– built a Death Star in the shape of AC/DC‘s Angus Young‘s guitar.

Sadly for me the education through song portion of my fountain of knowledge dried up soon after “The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round”.



note: probably the most educational song I know is Monty Python‘s Universe Song.

double note: I might have even invented “flubber” if I had had enough money to buy records!

triple note: How cool was Fred MacMurray? Pretty cool! I kid you not!

quadruple note: “I studied so hard for the test that I lost my voice.”

quintuple note: sometimes the wheels on the bus don’t go round and round.

sextuple note: In the fantasy realm of educational songs …

The Rolling Stones: physics
The Beatles: entomology
Led Zeppelin: alchemy and aeronautics
The Animals: zoology
The Cars: automotive
ZZ Top: hair dressing school
David Bowie: biology
The Clash: art of war or fashion
The Police: criminology
Dr. Hook: medicine or possibly fishing
Men At Work: business
UB40: unemployment
The Doors: doors
AC/DC: the study of electricity
Crowded House: demographics
The Romantics: dead English poets you had to study in school
U2: spyware and spies and stuff

septuple note: I was going to include “Oasis: proctology” … but they weren’t around in my musical absorption period.

octuple note: Cheap Trick is more my life style.